Monday, September 14, 2020

Advise to Antifa-BLM Protesters: Know God

God is God: The Creator and the Law-Giver 

Release Date: October 1, 2020

Contact: Charles Moscowitz (617) 271-5044 /

Charles Moscowitz, author of God is God: The Creator and the Law-Giver, advises the Antifa-BLM protesters who are looting predominantly Black businesses, burning Black neighborhoods, and murdering Black men, women and children to stop, to look within themselves and to know God.

 As Antifa-BLM protesters they experience this intoxicating sense of power and solidarity that comes from acting with the wolf-pack, they embrace a high sense of moral rightness without having to bother with any particular moral code, they get high from the social acceptance they receive from the adulation emanating from the mainstream culture and media, they might consider harnessing enough inner character to stop, even for a couple of minutes, and look within themselves and, by doing so, to know themselves and to know God.

 That which makes us as different from other living creatures is that we possess the ability to reason. We possess the means to know truths. The ability to reason is the primary reason why we are created in the image of God. In that vein, Antifa-BLM protesters might consider contemplating whether their advocacy and activities are in the best interests of Black people or even whether thay actually care about Black lives.

 The Antifa-BLM protester might look within and ask whether their beliefs and advocacy are in line with God’s plan for the universe and, as such, whether their beliefs are in line with the better aspects of human nature.  

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